About Mr. Ho

Mr. Ronnie Ho is the teacher in the Josiah Quincy Elementary School in Boston, Massachusetts. He has been teaching in the system for 18 years and is currently teaching 4th graders in general education.

Mr. Ho grew up in Hong Kong, (handed over to China in 1997) and received education under the British system. He graduated with the Endorsement to Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in the Hong Kong Polytechnics University. Ronnie worked as Technical Engineer for years in the railway industry, MTRC (Mass Transit Railway Corporation) and KCRC (Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation), which has been merged into MTRC.

Mr. Ho immigrated to America in 1993, and settled in Boston. During that time, he worked in Chinatown, and realized the hardship of Chinese immigrants in the community. He wanted to make a positive impact in children's lives. So, he enrolled in college again and earned his Master Degree in Psychology and in Bilingual Education. His hard work was recognized by being selected as the presenter at the First National Scholars Conference in Savannah, Georgia, in May, 1997. "Changing Faces, Redefining Preparation-Teaching and Learning" was his topic.

The years in the JQS community are terrific for Ronnie. The faculty is tremendously helpful and supportive, while the parents are generous and understanding. Together with students who are bright and respectful make teachers in Quincy School devote to it.

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